Jost de Jager has always been anchored in northern Germany – he has lived with his family in Eckernförde for decades. Schleswig-Holstein is the state for which Jost de Jager has assumed responsibility for many years as a member of the state legislative, as state secretary and Minister for Economic Affairs and Science. Schleswig-Holstein still is his personal and professional home today. From here he has been working as an independent management consultant in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and internationally since 2013.

Jost de Jager was shaped by his humanities studies (Mediaeval and Modern History, English Philology, Political Sciences) and his subsequent training as a journalist. He still brings this “different” point of view into his consulting mandates today.

Jost de Jager has one thing in common with his counterparts: At the center of his professional life was and is the perception of responsibility. Especially for your own team. Because he himself was the final decision-maker, Jost de Jager can understand the need for action of his counterpart – a basic requirement for consulting at the senior level.