Jost de Jager has always been anchored in northern Germany – he has lived with his family in Eckernförde for decades. Schleswig-Holstein is the state for which Jost de Jager has assumed responsibility for many years and which is also today his personal and professional home. From here he has been working as an independent management consultant in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and internationally since 2013.

Jost de Jager was shaped by his humanities studies (Mediaeval and Modern History, English Philology, Political Sciences) and his subsequent training as a journalist. He still brings this “different” point of view into his consulting mandates today.

Jost de Jager has one thing in common with his counterparts: At the center of his professional life was and is the perception of responsibility. Especially for your own team. Because he himself was the final decision-maker, Jost de Jager can understand the need for action of his counterpart – a basic requirement for consulting at the senior level.